Two Pocket Wizards for the price of one...

I have been looking for a splitter that would allow me to fire two flashes from a single Pocket Wizard, but they have proven hard to find and those I have been able to track down (at camera stores and online) were pretty darn expensive, anywhere from $30 - $80!

As luck would have it I was stopping by Radio Shack for a completely unrelated reason and BOOM - there in front of me was a wall of cables and amongst those cables was a dual headphone splitter that looked like it would fit the bill.

So I bought it, went directly home, did not pass GO, did not collect $200, and immediately took out my Pocket Wizards and flashes for a test.

It worked perfectly, both flashes fired from a single Pocket Wizard every time!

The best part was that the splitter cost me $6 (okay, maybe it wasn't really the best part, but it made me pretty darn happy).

Combining the splitter and the sync cables provides about 20 inches of separation between the two flashes, but Radio Shack also has extension cables (in lengths of 3,6, and 12 feet) to will give you greater separation and will cost you under $10.


Kristine said...

Hi, we added your blog to our blogroll, hope it's ok :-) We enjoy reading your blog!

101 photography tips said...

awesome tip! i'll be heading straight down to radio shack tomorrow morning!

thanks again