More on yesterdays Pocket Wizard post...

Yesterday we talked about using in inexpensive "Y" cable from Radio Shack that would allow you to fire two flashes with one Pocket Wizard.

Well last night I had a shoot that required 6 pocket wizards (I have 5) and was going to be the first real world test for my inexpensive "Y" cable system.

The problem was that the flashes that would be closest to each other would be about 10 feet apart, too far for just the "Y" cable, so I stopped by Radio Shack on the way to the shoot to grab an extension cable.

As luck would have it this week Radio Shack has the 20 foot cable on sale for $4.50.

If you are so inclined you too can have the "Y" cable and the 20 foot extension for $11.

Come back tomorrow and you'll see the results of last nights shoot.

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