Bill & Ed's excellent interviews...

One of my favorite online resources is, if you are a photographer this is a "must" visit website.

You'll find lighting setups, studio lighting tutorials, DIY Projects, and video tutorials.

My favorite resource is their podcast "LightSource" with Bill Crawford and Ed Hidden.

Each podcast is about an hour long, starts out with a few minutes of news and happenings from the world of photography followed by a lengthy, in-depth, and extremely interesting interview of working photographers.

You'll find interviews with photographers like Chase Jarvis, David Tejada, Mark Robert Halper, Dave Hill, Zack Arias, and David Hobby (is it me or are there a lot of "Dave's" on that list?).

Their podcasts also include in-depth discussions on shooting RAW, using Gels & Filters, and the ins & outs of light meters.

Because these are audio podcasts they are extremely portable, I find myself loading them onto my iPod or burning them to CD so I can listen to them in the car and take them with me wherever I go.

My only complaint (and it's a selfish one) is they don't do nearly enough (they produce a new show about once a month), if I open iTunes and there is nothing new downloaded from LightSource I get all pouty and whiney for an hour or two.


But seriously, take Bill and Ed for a test run and you will be hooked too.

You can find a complete list of all their podcasts here, enjoy.

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