David Honl professional lighting gear...

I recently got my paws on the latest photo gear from David Honl, his Traveller8 softbox and a set of gels.

If you look in my "bag O' light" you'll see almost every product he makes (at some point I hope to have them all).

Most folks who have followed this blog know I am big into DIY gear, but there are some instances that it just doesn't make sense.

David Honl's gear is just such a case, take his GOBO, it's $14. I could make one for less (surely), but during the course of my photography career how many times will I have to re-make it? The materials, my time? Even if my DIY cost the same over time (I bet it would be more) they would never have the functionality of David's.

You probably have seen my DIY grids video, it was a fun project and they work great, but problem is I have three different size flashes, so I had to make three different size grids. I good bit of materials along with an afternoon of my time. For $29 I got David's grid that's large enough to fit any flash out there and takes up significantly less real estate in my bag and that's important when you are lugging bags of gear to shoot projects on location.

Lastly, there is a time and place for DIY and doing a product shoot for a company that is investing tens of thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign probably is not one of them.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not an affiliate nor do I get a penny if any you buy a single product. I only talk about things I believe in (see here and here).

Because of quality, functionality, and pricing I believe in Honl Professional photography gear.

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Nicolasa said...

Thanks so much for the information! I really love your blog for this reason!

Michael Palmer said...

Nice haircut!!

I agree Scott, I used the grid and snoot as a reflector on my last restuarant/food shoot. Excellent gear.

shayne gray said...

...just put some of these gel packs on my Christmas list...

Thanks for the tip!

shayne gray learns photography

shayne gray said...

Woo hoo! A pack of gels did infact find its way under the Christmas tree! They didn't know to get the speedstrap with it as well, which...kind of holds the whole system together, but for about 60 cents I ended up making my own!

Thanks again and all the very best of the New Year!

Scott said...

Very cool Shayne, obviously some one loves you!


Wanna share how you made your speedstrap?

Thanks for coming by the blog.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I finally got a chance to use some of their products. I used it for both a food photography application and a real estate application. Very well made products