Corvettes, Corvettes everywhere!....

This weekend there was a Corvette rally in Old Orchard Beach (Maine), with hundreds of these gorgeous cars. Never in my life have I seen so many vanity plates!


I had only been shooting for about an hour when the rains came, so I did not get nearly the number of images I had planned on (and hoped for).

This was my first slideshow with Animoto and it could not be easier.

To make the upload process quicker I used lower res images, so I would not suggest watching it full screen.

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Sherri Innis said...

"I think the folks who attended the seminar via the internet had a better seat than those that were present in the building."
---Yes, this is true. I sat in the green room watching it live over the internet.

"For anyone who has done video work, that is a phenomenally fast turn around."
---I watched the video editors work in shifts, straight through the night. No time was wasted!

Really happy you liked it!