Review of BongoTies...

The first time I saw a picture of BongoTies my first thought was, "that looks like a cool idea" but it wasn't until I received mine last week that I truly fell in love!

They happened to arrive on the same day we had to pack up all kinds of gear for a remote shoot, so I broke open the box and started organizing our bazillion cables and cords. From 50 foot heavy duty extension cords to small 6 inch PC Sync cables.

That was the day I came upon our new cable management system, BongoTies.

In the past I have used things like Velcro wraps but they collect dust and dirt, catch at inopportune times, and tend to be a bit pricey.

You can get a ten pack of BongoTies for less than $5 (here and here).

And they can be used for a lot more than cable organization, search YouTube and you will be surprised at the number of different applications (I was).

They even come packaged in their own (ziplock) carrying case.

Are you picking up that I like them? They get two thumbs way up from me.

One of our lucky readers will love them as well as BongoTies will be included in a future prize package.


Steve Wetzel said...

Are these any different in function then the ball bungees I heard about on David Hobbie's blog? I picked up some of them a while back and they are extremely versatile little devices.

Scott said...

They are different in the sense that they are (much) smaller and less expensive while able to perform many of the same functions.

Terri Cleary said...

I picked up a package of bongo ties when I couldn't find the ball bungees that Hobbie suggested. I've now found the ball bungees and BOTH are great! The bongo ties, as Scott says, are smaller so wrap around smaller pipes without worrying about slippage. The ball bungees handle larger pipes/shelves. I'd get them both, since neither are expensive by any means.

Scott said...


I agree, both come in very handy, are not very expensive, perform different tasks (with slight overlap), and both should be in your photography “tool kit”.


jwbrogden said...

I've found that the ball bungies tend to stretch out over time and don't hold as well. What's the chance of that happening with these?

Scott said...

They are made of natural rubber so I am willing to bet that they will hold up longer than a synthetic product.

Parkylondon said...

Bongo Ties are one of the best things I have in my kit bag. Strong recommendation. I never cease to be amazed at the uses. A model used one to tie her hair back because she'd forgotten her scrunchies!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I have the ball bungees and these are a must have for off-camera flash enthusiasts. It's just so much cheaper than a Justin-clamp and can hold on to virtually any pole. I haven't used the ones reviewed here, but since they seem to be smaller, I would think they would the job a little better.

Anonymous said...

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