Thank you!...

Scott Kelby was here last week and was kind enough to show some of the images we shot and provide a link back to Weekly Photo Tips.

Because of that link we have seen a bazillion new visitors and many of them have left kind words and compliments about our humble offering.

I sit here in the early morning in my jammy pants writing posts and though I see the stats that show lots of good are people visiting, at times it all seems quite distant, even sterile.

But when folks take the time to leave generious words of praise it makes me realize that there are real people out there (maybe in their jammy pants) appreciating our efforts here at Weekly Photo Tips.

I wanted you to know it meant something to me... and to say thank you.

We have some cool videos, tips, and product reviews in the works (including more on the visit of Scott Kelby) so be sure to come back.


Flo said...

I sit here in my jammie's every morning and read your blog! I enjoy your blog and gain some useful tips and information and want you to know there are a bunch of us out here most likely doing the same.

Pamela @ The Welkin Studio said...

Scott, thank YOU for all the time and effort you put into making this a fantastic, helpful blog! You're the best!! :)

Pamela said...

I sit here eyes straining to keep reading, but I do keep reading and do appreciate your blog Scott Thanks