One thousand DIY photo projects....

Okay, maybe it's not a thousand (it's more like 65), but listed here are plenty of low cost/no cost DIY projects that will keep you busy for quite some time.

If you have a DIY project not listed here please let us know so we can add it to this group as we are going to maintain a "DIY Project" list that our readers can refer to.

If you have (or when you do) complete a DIY project, share that with us too.

New, let the fun begin.

Adjustable Snoot

Backdrop Stand

Backdrop Stands & Green Screens

Beauty Dish

Beauty Dish for SB-800

Beauty Dish flash modifier

Beauty Dish (stainless steel)

Boom Arm Reflector Holder

Budget DIY Lighting System

Canvas Photography Backdrop


Cheapshott Collapsible Umbrella DIY

David Hobby Grid Hack

Digital White Balance Filter (like ExpoDisc)

Film Can Diffuser & Color Gel holder

Flash Diffuser (cigarette packet)

Flash Mini-Bouncer

Floor Light

Foldable Softbox

Free Printable Lens Hoods

Gary Fong Lightsphere

Gary Fong LightSphere II

Grids (and snoots)

Grid (gutter adapter & black straw)

Grid (Speedlite)


Large Softbox for Small Strobe

Light & Backdrop stand

Lighting Diagrams, Planning and Explaining

Light Tent

Light Tent

Macro Lighting

Macro Photo Studio (for $10)

Monopod (for $11)

Monopod (with ballhead)

Monopod (mini)

Monopod (telescoping)

Muslin backgrounds

Panoramic Tripod Head for $10

Pop-up flash diffuser

Pop-up flash diffuser (soft screen)

Ring Flash

Ring Flash

Ring Flash (disposable)

Ring Flash (square)

Shutter Release (Canon)


Softbox (under $10)

Softbox - Flash Mounted

Softbox Grid (under $10.00)

Softbox (for perfect portraits)

Softbox (using umbrella)

Softbox from an umbrella

Spiderlight Strobe

Spiderlight Softbox

Strip Light

Strip Light (cheap)

Studio Backdrop Mount

Studio Lights (under $20)

Tinker Tubes

Umbrella Softbox (aka Brollybox)

Vagabond power pack

Wired Remote (Canon)


Tera said...

Oh geez. That's a lot!

Maryann said...

Many thanks for helping stretch a teeny photography budget!!

Kathy said...

Sweet! These are great! Thanks for posing.

Andrew Clark said...

Awesome, projects. I've tried a few. Some are really effective.

topper said...

OK - I know what I'll be doing now that the kids are back in school!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I just found your blog and I'm trying to read some of your older posts. This has got to be one of my favorites! But now I have wayyyyy too many things to do.