Shooting HDR with Scott Kelby...

While Scott Kelby was here last week we had the opportunity to take him on a "photography tour" of the old factory complex where our studio is located as well as a few stops along the Maine coast.

It was great to see Scott again, we even had the time to break bread and share stories.

Scott shot a lot of HDR in the factories and was kind enough to tape a video tip for our readers on how to shoot HDR in a dark setting.

The image above is the HDR image Scott shot while making the video.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Flo said...

Love it - great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That was a great video. In addition to using the self-timer, what about locking up the mirror before taking each shot. Wouldn't that reduce any chance of camera shake even more?

Diesel Weasel said...

I've been experimenting with HDR, trying to capture something closer to what my eyes naturally see, yet I continue to struggle to get a picture I'm happy with.

Thanks for the video, I'm hoping this will help me in my quest.

Susan Carroll-Seger said...

Great tip Scott. Thank, Susan Carroll-Seger