Senior portraits...

Here are some senior portraits we shot of Andy outside the old factory complex where our studio is located. I swear we could shoot here for quite some time before we exhausted all of cool features, and that's just on the outside.

Lighting was simple, it was a single Nikon SB-800 in an 18 inch square softbox mounted on a painters pole using a Kasey Pole Adapter, held about three feet above and in front of our subject.

You can see the Kasey Pole Adapter in use here and purchase it over at Flash Zebra for $19.

(clicking on any image will open it larger and in a new window)

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Cornell said...

I wonder about the vertical lines coming (a) out of the back of the head in the top and bottom photos and (b) out of the shoulder in second from bottom photo.

Except for the bottom photo, the vertical lines might not be an issue if the photos were shown in black in white. I'm basing this conclusion on the one black and white photo in the set.