Review of the book "Digital Food Photography" by Lou Manna...

My good friend and fellow photographer Mike Palmer has been showing off some of his outstanding food photography on his blog.

He gives credit to the Lou Manna book "Digital Food Photography", so I asked him if he would write a review and show some of his work.

Thankfully he said yes, so ladies and gentlemen I present Mike Palmer!

So you want to jump into food photography! I know I did, and with a few tips from Scott Kelby that he posted on his blog (here, here, and here) and the Lou Manna book "Digital Food Photography" later and I had the opportunity to shoot some food with a very notable Chef.

The book starts off with a couple chapters on the technical side of the food photography business. Lou covers in detail each element necessary to take good food shots, what kind of camera, lens, and camera settings are all covered in chapter 1 & 2, it then moves on dealing with clients, food styling, and some very specific lighting set ups for food.

The rest of the book will take you through the COMPLETE process of becoming a food photographer. Lou Mann gives you his real world view of what it takes to be successful and shows you all aspects of the business.

If you have a passion for “good eats” or are looking for a new angle for your business. Lou Manna’s "Digital Food Photography" will not disappoint.

I would also recommend eating something before diving into this book; the photographs are first class and will have you salivating.

The images below are from Mike and can be viewed larger (and in a new window) simply by clicking on it.


Jen said...

Mike gave a great review...the book must be great - look at the wonderful results he's gotten from his food photography!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I'm hungry! This sounds like it might be going into my new collection of photography books. I've been wanting to start a blog (for note-taking mostly) with my recent recipes. Basically, what I like and don't like in each recipe that I make so that I can always go back and make it to my liking the next time around. Images would be a great addition to all of the recipes ... and great images would be that much better.

Amazon has rated this book 4.5/5 stars. $26 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. I may just have to bite the bullet.

I am really interested in the food styling part of the book. I hope it's not just a sentence or two, but instead a detailed description.

I'm waiting until I read all of you photography reviews before I buy anything - and I'm making a list along the way. I should have done this weeks ago! A wishlist for Christmas ... now it's a wishlist for tax-return money :)

John said...
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Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just bookmarked Mike Palmer's blog :)

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