Dane Sanders book “Fast Track Photographer”...

I have been a fan of Dane Sanders for quite some time, way back to the days of "Simple Photo Minute".

Simple Photo Minute gave you an insight into Dane, his life and his photography. I think what I liked most was that there was nothing fake or pretentious about it, just an honest un-varnished look into his life (which just happened to include photography).

My favorite episodes was when he showed us what other photographers carried in their camera bags. Gosh, I miss Simple Photo Minute.

But anyway, this is not intended to be a trip down memory lane, but to tell you about Dane's new book “Fast Track Photographer”.

If you are thinking about throwing your hat into the ring known as professional photography, or already have, you need to read this book. It should be required reading.

I think what gives this book it's power is Dane's credibility. How do I know he's credible? Dane shares with you the mistakes he has made, some of which do not show him in the most positive light. When a person is willing to confess their "sins" in public, for all the world to see, that's a powerful thing.

Dane then shares what he learned and what he did to recover from his mistakes. His presentation allows is to take what he said and directly overlay his lessons (and advice) to your own career and build upon it.

It's safe to sum up Dane as doing what is right, not what's advantageous.

I thought it would be interesting to give his book to a photographer who was just venturing into the world of professional photography and had never heard of Dane Sanders.

Here is what Steven Ramsdell had to say after reading “Fast Track Photographer”:

"How much is great business advice worth? How about a consultation that assists you in carving out your direction, your niche as a photographer, and opens your eyes ideals and standards expected of a professional? Well, Dane Sanders supplies you this kind of advice and more, like avoiding costly mistakes and he will do it all for less than the cost of lunch with his new book - “Fast Track Photographer”.

Dane seems to hold nothing back here, he has a way of putting the world of today’s professional digital photography into perspective, and telling it not only the way he sees it, but the way he has experienced it. He gives examples that are drawn from his own experiences and those of the elite photographers he surrounds himself with. One of the beauties with “Fast Track Photographer” is that he explains how he learned from these mistakes, and then turned his mistakes into lessons for us all to learn from.

Dane’s insight on what clients are actually looking for in a photographer has changed my ideas about professional photography marketing completely! He explains the value of being who you are, as opposed to who you think the client wants you to be. He discusses, in great detail, how we all should look at and then adapt to the quickly changing world that is digital photography.

Perhaps the most informative section for me dealt with Dane’s take on free lance photography opportunities versus opening your own studio. He shed light on a lot of pros and cons for both that I had never thought about before.

Lastly, you get a bonus, it is a test (pDNA) that will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you determine your direction as a professional photographer. Dane will explain how to define then grow your strengths from this test and use the results to launch you in the world of the professional photographer.

All said, “Fast Track Photographer” is a well put together package. It’s part practical, part theory, and a whole bunch of great advice. Once you read (or listen) to it will stop you from heading down dead ends and making mistakes that will frustrate you, cost you money, and more importantly, cost you clients.

Dane will help you focus your desire to be as a professional photographer. You will be thankful you read this book and more importantly, so will your clients."

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm very interested in ordering the book "Fast track Photographer" but I tried using the promo code but it seems its no longer active. Do you know if it has an expiration?


John said...
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Miguel Palaviccini said...

It's only $20 now. Also, an audiobook is a great media tool. Good thinking!

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