A shout out to a friend...

One of the things I like about writing this blog is the people I meet. I have come in contact with (and gotten to know) folks from all over the world that otherwise would never have been known to me.

One of those people is Mike Palmer. You have "seen" him here before, his last visit here was when he wrote a review on "Digital Food Photography".

We have actually had the pleasure to sit down together with our families and break bread (well, we actually broke lobster) and I'm looking forward to their return to Maine next summer.

Anyway, I am a regular reader of Mikes blog, and I would encourage you to be one as well, he posts some great stuff.

So when you have a minute, give Mike a visit, and be sure to tell him I said hi.

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Michael Palmer said...

Last thing I expected when I jumped over to your blog Scott - Thanks, It made my week = )