A couple from the Photoshop Boys...


Did you know that Adobe has released camera profiles or Lightroom? Me either, but thanks to Matt Kloskowski, I do now.

Last week Matt posted a video on the new camera profiles released by Adobe for Lightroom 2 and the results are pretty darn impressive.

This could be a big deal when it comes to your workflow, imagine a preset that you apply (automatically) to all your images as they are imported that results in a better base image AND less editing.

Pack my bags I'm a goin' to heaven!


You will find Matt's post here (it's a must watch video) and download the camera profiles here.


This one comes from a recent post by Dave Cross and is a great marketing idea.

This is how one photographer uses his existing clients to bring in new ones.

For each print order that he places for clients (portrait, seniors, etc.) he also places an order for custom business cards that includes an image of that client on the front and a promotion on the back.

When the order is delivered it includes these business cards and the client is encouraged to hand them out to their friends and family.

Of course they’re happy to give out “their” cards and it’s a great promotional tool for the studio.

But wait, it gets even better.

He rolls the cost of the cards into the price of the session/print order so there is no cost to him, but he gets to write off the cost of the cards as an advertising/promotion expense.

So not only are his clients bringing him new business, they are also paying for it at the same time.

Now that is genius!