A couple great deals!...

Deal #1

17th Street Photo has SanDisk 8GB cards on sale with rebate, final cost for 1 card is $35, if you purchase 2 the final cost is $25 (per card). It's one of those "the more you buy, the more you save" sales.

You'll find the rebate info here.

I ordered 2 on Friday and they were at my door on Tuesday.

This sale ends September 14.

Deal #2

Staples has Paint Shop Pro® Photo X2 on sale (with rebate) and your final cost is only $49.

True, it's no Photoshop CS3 (then again I'm no George Clooney), but it is a very good piece of software. and you can read a review from the July Issue of Rangefinder magazine here.

This sale ends September 6.


Bennett Photography said...

17photo.com shows up in Firefox 3 as a suspected harmful 'attack site'. any idea what gives?


Scott said...

I think that for the most part browser “detecting” tools work well, but they will on occasion come up with a false positive, and I think this is one of those cases.

I have been on and ordered from them more than once and they are a legit organization.


Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself short, Scott. You kinda look just like George Clooney.

Scott said...
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Scott said...


What have I told you about leaving comments on my blog?