Another featured photographer...

Well, it's Monday and we have another photographer to feature.

Her name is Ghene Snowdon, and she's from London.

Often when I'm checking my stats I'll follow the subscriber information to learn about the folks who visit Weekly Photo Tips, I get to "meet" new friends and look at there work.

I am always amazed at just how many outstanding photographers there are out there (and also wonder why they come to my blog). It is not uncommon that I start following their websites as I love looking at their new work.

Ghene is another photographer who does beautiful work (and who's website I am stalking).

When I first saw these images I was blown away with the quality of the lighting and I really wanted to share them with my readers.

Ghene was kind enough to let me share them with you and she took the time to answer a few questions.

Here they are:

If you could select one area of photography to focus on, what would it be?

"That would be weddings I absolutely love the fuss, the details and the ending :-)"

Why do you shoot Olympus?

"I tested several cameras and thought the Olympus E-500 felt very good and I already liked Olympus from my old point & shoot days. I still use my E-500 for interior shots- the images are warm and they are very different from those I take with the E-3.

Professionally or when I am sure the weather will not be forgiving, I use my E-3 and my E-500 tags along. On walks, I bring the E-420 (smallest DSLR) and now, I have the E-P1 which fits perfectly in my handbag (with two lenses and a couple of extra batteries). It may seem silly of me to choose Olympus when I specialize on natural light, but the results are worth it."

What is your favorite lens (and why)?

"I love the Zuiko Digital 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 Mk1. It is a very sharp lens, takes close-up photography and it is weatherproof. I also like Sigma 30mm f1.4"

If I looked in your camera bag what would I find?

"You will find the: E-3, E-500, and E-420, ZD14-54mm lens, Sigma 30mm1f.4, FL50 flashgun, wireless triggers, business cards, extra batteries, memory cards (2x 8Gig and 4x 4Gig), Olympus E-P1, Olympus 17mm pancake lens, Olympus 14-42mm lens, small circular reflector, lens pen, glass cleaning liquid and cloth"

How do you market your business?

"Internet. 85% of my business comes from the internet, 10% referrals and recommendations and the other 5% from local paper."

Is there one thing you do that really “pays off” when it comes to marketing?

"Do a good job, talk and blog. If a client is satisfied, they will talk too."

RAW or JPG (and why)?

"Mainly RAW because I have more control on the development after the session. For parties, RAW + JPG because there are times when I need to project a favorite image or to print it right there on site."

Lightroom or Photoshop (or neither)?

"I mainly use Lightroom, I made presets so my workflow is relatively fast but even with that I still need a week to finish a normal session. I am an absolute beginner in Photoshop. I have Photoshop CS4 but I only use it to fix eyes, patch unwanted stuff and touchup skin. I thought of learning more but never have the time."

Be sure to visit Ghenes blog and her website to learn more about her and see more of her wonderful images.

Click on any of these images to view in a new (and larger) window.

Lighting: These images were taken with available light from the large bay window and a silver Lastolite triflector.

Equipment: Olympus E-3, 14-54mm 1:2.8-3.5 Mk1 lens, exposed for 1/125 at f3.4 at ISO 200.

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