Three reasons to check out Elena Wilken today...

There are more than three reasons, but that's all I am going to list here today.

1. If you are interested in family portraiture you need to check out her work, there are samples below. This is a link to her site, but don't go there until you have some time spend because I promise once you start looking at her images you will be there for a time... for a long time.

2. Elena gives away some very nice templates every month, here is the link for those.

3. For April Elena is giving away 11 great prizes, none of which I am going to name here because I am going to make you follow this link to see them for yourself. I will say this, I would be very happy to have ANY of the prizes on her giveaway list.

And she gives her readers soooo much more than what I have mentioned here.

Here are four of Elena's images, clicking on any image will allow you to view it larger and in a new window.

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