Another snowstorm... REALLY?!...

Unfunny Aprils fools... very unfunny.

5am, I'm making my coffee and feel an all too familiar rumbling that gets stronger and stronger... then I see it, the big orange behemoth passing by my kitchen window with its lights flashing... and.. and... THE SNOWPLOW DOWN.

We had completed our "seasonal transition", putting the shovels back in the garage, mittens, hats, and boots packed away and why shouldn't we, it's "officially" been spring for some time now!

A quick check and the news let's me know school has been cancelled (yeah), everything will be closed, so we are hunkered down to weather yet another snowstorm.

wa, wa, wa, wa...

I will announce our contest winner as soon as I finish shoveling.


Here are a couple images of the orange behemoth, went a little over the edge with processing (but it was fun), clicking on any image will open it larger and in a new window (not sure why you'd want to).


Anonymous said...

It's been snowing here in SE PA for a few hours. Thew prediction is for the grass to get a coating, but nothing like what you're going to get.

Hey, when it snows, post-process :-)

Andrew said...

At 43 degrees North? Ah I've just seen the date. Nice one. Frozen South indeed :-D

photography by anika alonzo said...

nice try, mister :)