A DIY tilt-shift lens mount for Nikon cameras...

I love DIY projects, whether its photography, home, or anything else. You get the satisfaction of doing it with your own two hands AND the finished project usually is at a significant savings.

I also love the images produced by a tilt-shift lenses, so this post is a perfect combination of the two.

Today we have a DIY tilt-shift lens mount for Nikon cameras, you will need a 3D printer but not to fret, if you don't have access to one locally (heck, even little old Biddeford Maine has local 3D printing resources), there are plenty of online resources that are both inexpensive AND fast (check out 3D rapid Print, Print to 3D, Ponoko, or Sculpteo).

There are just 6 (small) parts that need to be printed and assembled, Instructable user Cpt. Insano has been kind enough to not only lay out the entire project step by step, you can even download the files needed to be used with the 3D printer to produce the parts!

So follow this link over to Instructable and start on your DIY tilt-shift mount today.

If you have (or know of) a cool DIY photography project please email us and let us know so we can share it with the group.


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