Here's some Lightroom 2 learning resources...

Let me start with the painfully obvious, any list of Photoshop or Lightroom resources will start with the "Photoshop Guys" (Scott, Matt, and Dave).

Here is a list of Lightroom 2 features, and here you'll find the Lightroom 2 Learning Center. There are more resources than you can shake a mouse at, and though (some) are not free you can use it for as little as $17 a month. So for less than $20 you'll have a full month to learn Lightroom 2 (and everything else in their extensive learning library). Compared to the DVD's that are out there (costing $59-$99) this is a real steal. Still Not sure? Then you shoul take a free test ride.

Terry White has put together 2 nice videos, each about 25 minutes, the first is an overview of Lightroom 2, and in the second Terry shows you the basics of using Lightroom 2 for portrait retouching.

Yanik Chauvin (Yanik’s Photo School) also has two well done Lightroom 2 video tutorials, using the adjustment bush and the skin soften brush.

Kerry, from Camera Dojo, has a bunch of video tutorials you will want to check out.

Colin Smith also has extensive Lightroom 2 resources and videos. has video tutorials, workflow info, and keyboard shortcuts just to name a few things they have on their Lightroom 2 resource page.

I hope you'll find these links helpful (translation - educational), now let the learning begin!

If you haven't bought/upgraded to Lightroom 2 yet, the post below will save you 15% when you do.

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