Lightroom 2 for $99 & more resources...

Awhile back I posted how (if there's a teacher or student in your house) you could buy the full version (not upgrade) of Lightroom 1 for $99, you can find the post here.

Well now has version 2 in stock and it too is just $99.

Here are a few more links that will help you get the most out of Lightroom 2:

Sean McCormack has an outstanding blog dedicated to Lightroom and needs to be added to your favorites. Be sure to check out the horizontal scroll gallery that he is giving away for free (thank you Sean).

Allen Rockwell has done his first (in what will be a series) Lightroom 2 video in which he talks about new features like dual monitor support and key word suggestions.

The Imaging Resource (Mkes Pasini) has a nice article "Lightroom 2 - Turning Work Into Play" that you will want to read.

Chris Orwig has posted "Getting Up To Speed with Lightroom 2" at

You can read "Lightroom Keyword Tricks" at O'Reilly Media.

My last two offerings are "Lightroom 2.0 Refines the RAW Image Editor" from Scott Gilbertson and "Making Sense of Metadata Settings in Lightroom" from Adobe Press.

Tomorrow I will get off my Lightroom 2 soapbox (I promise) with a review of a really (really, really) nice tripod from Induro.

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