Friday, August 8, 2008

SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III for $39!...

That is no a misprint, you can get the SanDisk 8 GB Extreme III Compact flash card (sku IDSCFE38G30M) from Adorama for a final price of $39!

Here are the details, the out of pocket price is $79, but it comes with a $40 rebate AND it ships to you for free!

But wait, it gets better, the more you buy the bigger the rebate gets.

Buy 1 card and the rebate is $40, buy 2 and it's $100, and if you buy 3 cards the rebate is $160.

So if you purchase three cards the final cost is only $25 a card! (I didn't waste my time in college, huh?)


These are fast cards and the cards that I use, I shoot RAW and I shoot fast (I think they call it machine gunning) and I have never had to wait for the card to catch up with me.

And even shooting RAW I get about 400 images on a card.

So do yourself a (huge) favor and get over to Adorama and get yourself some SanDisk cards.

You can get/download the rebate form here.

*It appears that they have increased the price by $10 since I posted this (and bought mine), sorry… but even @ $35 each for three cards is still a good, no, a very good price


Mike said...

Out of pocket price comes up as $89 for me, making it $49 for one, $39ea for two, or $35 and change ea for three. How are you getting $79 base price?

Scott said...

It appears that they have increased the price by $10 since I posted this (and bought mine), sorry Mike…


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome tip! I just placed my order!

Anonymous said...

They have now made the price $99.95 per card, so if you buy 3, that's $300. minus the rebate (for 3 cards) of $160. = $140., which comes to about $47. a card. This deal is losing it's appeal.

BTW, they don't send you a cash rebate!
They send you a pre-paid credit card, just so you know.