One for the dogs...

A month ago fire destroyed the Boston home of Terisa Acevedo, she not only lost all her belongings, she lost her beloved dog, a long haired dachshund, Lola.

This past Monday (a full month after the fire) she to return to the burnt out remains of what was once her home and while standing there in the front she heard a noise, it was scratching on the plywood that covered a large hole that used to be her front door.

Terisa called out her dogs name and heard crying coming from behind the plywood, she ran up, pulled back the plywood and there was Lola!

Somehow this one year old dachshund had survived a month in the burnt-out house.

There was kissing and crying all around.

Though a bit skinnier Lola is fine and will make a full recovery.

Dog and owner are back together, too cool, huh?

Below is a news video of the story (subscribers will need to return to the blog to view it).


gianmarco said...

way to go Lola!

maryann [MF*****Fotos] said...

Poor thing! Incredible story! So glad there is a happy ending!

stacey said...

That poor little dog!! I can't imagine how scared that little thing was. :( So glad she'll be okay.

half blind said...

Great story, Scott. Thanks

Larry Wyatt said...

How can anyone not believe there is a God? What an amazing story!!