Beautiful High Speed Photography (and tutorial)...

I was recently turned onto the images of Swiss photographer Pascal Bovet by one of our readers (thanks Shayne) and just can't get enough of his work.

Not only is his imagery stunning, he shares with us the setup shots AND has put together a detailed tutorial on high speed photography.

Many of his mages stay with the theme of our latest "shiny" photo contest, check these out:

The setup for the three glass shot can be found here.

The setup for the five glass shot is here.

The balloon shot setup is here.

I'm not even going to tell you what the one below is, or how it was shot, you'll need to check out his website for the details. ;)

Click on any of the above images to view larger and in a new window.

So, be sure to check out his website, his tutorial, and his Flickr page.

And Pascal, if you see this post thank you so much for sharing.


shayne gray learns photography %$#! said... pleasure - it's great stuff and totally accessible to a lot of people.

Thanks for the mention!

shayne gray learns photography

Pascal Bovet said...

You're welcome and thanks for being featured..


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Great work! Shayne, just added your blog to my RSS feed. Look forward to your future posts!

Dianne White said...

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shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

Thanks for your kind words Miguel - looking forward to seeing more from you as well.

shayne gray learns photography

Harry Hilders said...

Great shots. Good article.

Urban Interest said...

Great information and amazing shots! Thanks for sharing.

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