Spring is soooo close... I thought...

Spring arrives officially on Monday and no one is more excited about it than me.

Yesterday it actually reached 70 degrees here... I was seeing parts of my lawn I forgot existed.

As I dragged myself into the kitchen this morning to make my coffee (and attempt to reach my target heart rate) I looked out the window only to see it was snowing... and snowing hard!

The lawn I saw yesterday is gone, covered with a blanket of white and it's still coming down.

I am blubbering like Lassie just died.

In the video below I feel like the guy in the yellow parka.

And for subscribers (as usual), videos don't get pushed through so you'll need to come back to Weekly Photo Tips or head directly over to YouTube to watch it.


Tom Peterson said...

I'm not a "subscriber", but I am a frequent visitor. I do have a link on the camera club site I admin to your site. ??? The video come through with no problem. Are many "subscribers" having problems with your videos?

Scott said...

Hi Tom,

Subscribers get an automated email whenever I post on the blog (so they don’t actually have to come to the blog to read my post) but for some reasons things like embedded videos do not get delivered as part of that notification email.

So that’s why at the end of the post I put the little “disclaimer” to let them know there was a video and if they want to see it they will need to head over to the blog to watch it.



Lee said...

It's officially autumn here (NZ) but we're still getting temperatures in the mid-20s centigrade. I'm looking forward to the autumn colours, but in a few months I'll probably be complaining about the cold and wishing it was summer again :-)