Quick, the Westcott 28" softbox is on sale!...

The Westcott Apollo 28" small strobe softbox (for Speedlights & Speedlites) is on sale AND comes with free shipping!

It's umbrella style design makes for quick opening and closing, easy set-up and takedown.

The double ribbed metal construction makes it very durable and the recessed front gives you great control for feathering your light.

The Westcott Apollo 28" softbox is a very well made, portable lighting tool, that's why we own four of them.

You can learn more about why we are such big fans of this softbox by reading our complete review (with additional info and images) here then head over and buy your own.

Neil van Niekerk is a fan of these as well and demonstrates the kind of light it throws (and the images you can get) with this post over at his blog.

Below is our video review, subscribers will need to return to the blog or head directly over to our YouTube channel to watch it.