Friday, February 18, 2011

"Shiny" new contest....

It has been too long since our last contest and I have plenty of photography goodies to give away.

A recent post was about "photographing reflective surfaces" so that will be this contests theme.

It will be similar to past contests, you will need to submit an image of a shiny/reflective object to our Flickr group, and leave a comment on any post on the blog and/or our YouTube channel.

Tune in this coming Monday for all the details, the rules by which we will play, but most importantly, what the super duper prize package will be.

See ya Monday!


Miguel Palaviccini said...

It may be time to dust off my copy of light, science, and magic!

corina said...

cool :)

photography by anika alonzo said...

Ah, I LOVE your give aways :)
I just added my photo ;)

Mariko said...

Thanks, very nice post, I love it.