Phenomenal learning opportunity... FREE!

Learning Photoshop can be a daunting (and sometimes expensive) task. In the past I have shared some free resources but I think I may have stumbled across one of the most thorough Photoshop CS5 courses out there.

It is "Photoshop CS5" taught by Jason Welsh of the Michigan MI Learning Center and is available through iTunes U.

There is a total of 15 lessons, 15 assignments, and it comes with all of the practice images used throughout the entire course.

The 15 lessons are broken down into 132 different video presentations, the shortest is just one minute in length and the longest being 12. Small, manageable, and easy to digest bites of Photoshop information. This works out nicely in that you are not bound to the computer to watch long and sometimes overwhelming lessons.

Though the video segments are short, combined they total over 9 hours of viewing/learning.

Follow this link for all of the details.

Be sure to check out Jason's website and his YouTube channel, where you'll find over 1,700 videos covering Photoshop, 3D modeling, and much, much more.

Below is the course intro video, enjoy.


Josie said...

Wow, thanks for this Scott!
I use iTunes U quite a lot for science (work stuff), and tend to rely on podcasts/websites (like yours, of course!) for PhotoShop/photography (hobby stuff).
Can't believe I never thought to look for photoshop info on iTunesU before! But I don't know that I'd ever have thought of it, if you hadn't posted this.
Great resource, thank you very much.

Scott said...

You are quite welcome...

Jodi Renshaw said...

Ok - let me understand this --- (please) --- this is TOTALLY free????

Scott said...