You can blame Matt Damon for this post...

I saw the commercial below tonight and really felt the need to share it... it tackles a very serious topic with just a little levity.

And it made me think of my own experiences. We know there is hunger out there but until we see the actual faces of the people standing in line at the food pantry, it's really rather abstract, a bit impersonal.

A couple years ago years ago I started using part of my Sundays to pick up food donations from some very generous stores and restaurants. There are days that my minivan is filled from the back of the drivers seat to the rear hatch and from floor to ceiling.

Then on Monday morning I deliver to local food pantries.

It seems the most important thing I deliver is bread, sliced bread.

One Monday I was running a little late and when I arrived there was a good amount of people who had gone through the line (as they had their bags) but were still hanging around, come to find out they were waiting for me. They were waiting for "the bread man".

It truly dawned on me that day the importance of what I was involved in. If not for those Monday morning deliveries these people would be going home without something most of us take for granted. A few slices of bread.

Then there are the days I see people I know... you never know who is at risk, who doesn't have enough food.

I don't usually talk about this, I don't do it for the recognition, I don't want a pat on the back. I do it because I can, and because the thought of children going to bed hungry haunts me.

But I am beginning to ramble, the point of this post was to share this commercial with you. In 30 seconds it drives home a very serious point AND makes you smile, that doesn't happen very often.

For you people new to the blog and are wondering what this has to do with photography, it has nothing to do with taking pictures. Chances a extremely good that on the weekends (if I post) I will wander of topic, sometimes WAY off topic, writing about whatever moves me.

So, now you've been warned, be prepared for anything on weekends. Tomorrow is Monday and I promise to be on topic then.


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half blind said...

Love it, Scott. Thanks for the great post.

Scott said...

Thanks, when I post stuff like this I am always fearful of coming across “preachy”.

Scott said...

I love the last line:

“You know I have an academy award”…

“ya, but not for playing me”…

Susan Carroll-Seger said...

Thanks for the reminder banks are running low due to the ongoing economic problems we are facing.. if you can it's time to give folks.