Holy $*#&! A Gitzo ball head for just $24!...

Yup, you read that correctly, a Gitzo magnesium center ball head for $24.95.

But wait, there's more, it also has free shipping! (sorry, but this offer does not come with any Ginsu knifes, pajama jeans, or snuggies)

This is not a mamby pamby ball head, it will hold up to 8.8 pounds and considering a Nikon D3 weighs under 3 pounds I can't imagine any body/lens combo that would exceed the weight limits of this ball head.

Now as usual the devil is in the details, the final price for this Gitzo ball head for $24 after an $80 rebate. The current Adorama price is $109, they give an addition $5 off during the order process, and then the $80 rebate brings the final price down to $24. Again, there is free shipping on this item as well.

You can find the product details here and information about the rebate (including the form) here.

The rebate is good through February 28th (of this year).

Did I mention the free shipping?


Steve Wetzel said...

Thanks for posting this Scott. I have a friend that is looking for a tripod, ball head and this seems like a great deal. Any thoughts to putting a quick release system on this?

Anonymous said...

Excellent offer Scott!!! A very well made head and unbeatable price!

Cindy said...

Scott, thanks for the heads-up on this. My newbie question is this -- how does it attach to my tripod? I've always heard of a ball head, but I though you had to buy the tripod and everything together.

Scott said...


Not knowing what tripod you have it is hard to say, but if you look at the link below you will see how many tripods and heads attach (which is by a center screw):


hope this helps.