Speaking of the Maine Photographers Coalition...

This past Monday we had the second meeting of the Maine Photographer Coalition and it was a rousing success, in this case we measure success by sharing... sharing information, techniques, and ideas.

The Riley Brothers (Tim and Chris) were our guest speakers and presented an overview of their Lightroom workflow and even the most seasoned Lightroom users at the meeting were able to take home new tips in improving their own workflow.

On top of this we had some great photo gear to give away to those in attendance... things like:

1. RPG Keys (customizable keys that will help you speed through your Lightroom editing)

2. Kelly Moore Bags (beautiful and functional camera bags)

3. Epiphanie Bags (fabulous camera bags for women)

4. Shootsac (a great lens bag)

5. Spider Holster (a belt system for carrying 1 or 2 cameras while keeping your neck and shoulders strap-free)

6. Black Rapid Straps (stay-put straps that allow you to comfortably carry multiple cameras).

Our next meeting will be in March and I will share more details with you as the date gets closer.

If you are attending any of the following shows/gatherings - SWPP (in England), Imaging USA (in Texas), After Dark (in Vegas), WPPI (also in Vegas), or PPINE (Hyannis, MA) the Riley's will be teaching workshops on their Lightroom workflow techniques, so be sure to check them out.

In the mean time, below is video 1 (in a series of 5) that will give you a taste of what is contained in their classes, you can see all 5 videos by following this link.

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Susan Carroll-Seger said...

Hi Scott. Looks like you have a great group of photographers there. We can all benefit from the support of our peers. In anticipation of the still pending release of the 2nd day with Jay Maisel (on Kelby Training) I posted a video conversation with Jay on my blog.. It's pure 'Jay" and pure joy..

Pam said...

Sorry to have missed this had RSVP, and then remembered I had a meeting that went till 7. Hope to make a meeting soon a meet everyone. Anyone going to the MPPA?