Weekly Photo Tips 2010 product of the year!...

We get more than our fair share of photography "stuff" to review and share with our readers and of all the things we got this year the leader of the pack was the OneLight Workshop DVD from Zack Arias.

The OneLight DVD will give you the foundation to become a photographer, where as many of the other products we got would simply help us be a better photographer... a big, big difference.

There is no firmer foundation on which you build your skills as a photographer.

If you try to start a career in photography without mastering the knowledge Zack presents on these two DVD's it would be like trying to build a house by starting the construction on the second floor.

Just ain't gonna happen.

Not only is it essential, it's affordable too.

You can read our entire review here and when you're done you can use this link to head on over to the order page.


Photographer Club said...

niche product, i like this product

Top Rated Cameras said...

That product looks good. actually im looking forward for more photography tips as well as softwares and other ebooks available online. :)