Sunday, January 30, 2011

the BEATLES...

For those with children, you will (hopefully) appreciate this post, for those without children, probably not so much.

Don't you just love it when your children come to you with something not so new (or not so unknown) that they think 1.) they were the ones who finally discovered it and 2.) we are too stupid to have ever known about it on our own.

That's how my girls are about the Beatles, every time they find a new Beatles song the feel the need to come tell their silly old dad who is obviously too unaware to have known about it before.

But being the good dad I nod my head in agreement "wow, that is good", while inside I am thinking "yup, that was good 40 years ago too".

Thank goodness for the enlightenment that our children bring to us.



photography by anika alonzo said...

Oh! I can't wait for that! Even though my boys will hopefully do that with AC/DC and bands like that ;)

Sheri said...

Our kids grew up listening to the Beatles courtesy of 'us'. Ironic thing is that the young musicians at jams are playing the music from our era 60's/70's very true to the originals.

Melissa said...

This post came up in my reader's recommended items and I had to laugh and come share my own story of how my husband came home one day and told me about this great "new" band he'd been listening to. They were called "The Foreigners" and he loved them! I cracked up and pulled myself together to tell him that it was just Foreigner and it was certainly not a new band! He hasn't yet lived it down.

Scott said...

"The Foreigners"... too funny.

Don't ever let that one go cold Melissa.

Ashley Hataway said...

Our twin girls (who will be 4 in April) and our 1-year-old son LOVE the Beatles (courtesy of their mom)!! Their favorites are "Hey Jude," and "Across the Universe." We don't really listen to any "new" music. We like to stick to classics. I wanna raise 'em right!! :D