New Shiny Image Contest details..

So before I tell you the details let me share with you the prize package:

Prize 1. The two DVD set "Digital WakeUp Call" from David Ziser. I don't think anyone has combined photography AND business as well as David, and he is the most prolific blogger on the surface of the earth and the entries are packed with useful information (no fluff).

Prize 2. "Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers" from Scott Kelby.

Scott Kelby trains tens of thousands of professional photographers every year on how to use Photoshop, and almost without exception they have the same questions, the same problems, and the same challenges—and that’s exactly what Shares with you in this book.

Prize 3. The (really) good folks over at IGT America will be donating a print, but not just any print, they are going to take an image from you the winner (an image of your choosing) and give you back a 16 x 20 Metal Print!

How cool is that?

Now for the details, the contest starts today (February 21st) and the winner will be announced on Thursday March 31st. That should give everybody enough time to create their image(s).

How do you you enter?

1. Join the Weekly Photo Tips Flickr Group (details on how to join can be found here).

2. Upload one (or more) image(s) of a reflective object (glass, metal, etc.). Check out our recent post on "photographing reflective surfaces" for a bunch of resources that will help you out.

3. Leave one (or more) comments on any blog post on Weekly Photo Tips and/or a comment on any of the videos on our YouTube channel.

We will mail the prize package to the lucky winner.

The rules are pretty simple, you can enter as many times as you like (one comment + one image upload = one contest entry), all ownership rights of all images remain with you the photographer.

The only thing we will use them (the images) for is to show as occasional "samples" of images
we receive as contest entries and to announce the winner.

Lastly, the contest is open to everyone world wide, if the winner should be outside the contagious 48 United States, they (the winner) will be responsible (only) for the cost of shipping.

Good luck everyone.


photography by anika alonzo said...

These prizes are so cool! I'm excited :)

Miguel Palaviccini said...

WOW! Cool set of prizes. Thanks for setting this up Scott. :)

Chance said...

wow, what a great contest! I've hit a rut in my photo-a-day project, so this will be a great way to stretch myself as well. Time to get reflective!

Galen said...

This should be fun! What a great way to help us stretch ourselves a bit!

Pam said...

More fun with Weekly Photo Tips contest. Shiny objects are difficult great challenge

shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

Awesome - thanks for all the resources as always Scott.'re mentioned here.

Just submitted an entry right now - have a great weekend!

shayne gray learns photography

Trinity said...

Thanks for this opportunity! I am really excited to enter the competition. :)

Paula said...

Shiny things scare me, but I'm in.

Scott said...

From one Scott to rock! But son't all Scott's rock?

Nice job on your weekly tips, I've really enjoyed following them!

Sergio said...

Sounds great, hope I'm still on time... I wonder, does this count as the comment for the contest entry?

Scott said...

Sure.... I'm easy...