Resources on photographing reflective surfaces...

One of the more challenging things to light is glass (and other highly reflective surfaces), because normally when we photograph a subject we are putting our light on that subject. But with glass we do the opposite, we are lighting around the subject.

I have put together some incredible examples of how to light reflective surfaces, so hang on, here goes:

The first resource (of course) is from David Hobby (aka Strobist), it was an assignment he shot of flavored vodkas, so follow this link to see all the shiny details.

Resource number two is from Strobist as well (seeing a theme here?), and it too involves alcohol (theme number two), this time it's beer, check it out.

This link is from DIY Photography (more beer).

These three links are from Pixiq (one, two, and three) and show dramatically different ways of shooting the same product (Vodka).

Here are the last two well done tutorials for lighting glass here and here (sorry, no alcohol in these).

We will close with a video tutorial on how to shoot glass.

Subscribers, you know the routine, you will need to return to the blog to watch the video (as it does not get pushed through with your subscription).


half blind said...

Thanks for these resources, Scott. Duly bookmarked!

Maryann [MF*****Fotos] said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another great lesson in photography thanks to you and the generosity of the links' authors.

shayne gray learns photography %$#! said...

Already read the post at of course - always a great resource.

Also found the video very helpful - thanks for posting (and providing a great resource yourself)!

shayne gray learns photography