Backing up your images...

This week the latest version of Replicator was released and though it is (still) free, Replicator is as good or better than most of the "pay" versions of backup software available, so do yourself a favor, make this the week that you (really, really, really) implement your backup/disaster recovery plan for all those stunning images you have been shooting.

To go with Replicator, Staples has a 500 GB external hard drive on sale for $125. They (Staples) also have a 50 Pack of HP CD's for $8.95 and a 50 pack of HP DVD's for $14.95. They have various PNY memory cards on sale as well.

And if you are a Best Buy kinda person, they too have good stuff at great prices, 50 pack of Memorex CD's for $8.95, 50 pack of Verbatim DVD's for $12.95, and a 1 TB Western Digital external Hard Drive for $239. They too have various SanDisk memory cards on sale.

Making beautiful pictures is only half the equation, making sure they are saved is the other half.

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