A chocolate filter from Kimi...

While surfing today I came across the blog "Kimi Kreations", today's tutorial was creating a chocolate filter for black & white images that is both simple and cool.

Kim has a bunch of other cool stuff on her site, be sure to stop by her blog.

Here is her chocolate filter:

1. Open your image in Photoshop
2. Create a new layer
3. Fill the newly created layer with brown (here is the hex code for the brown Kim uses - 3f2c02)
4. Change the blend mode to soft light
5. Reduce the opacity until you have the effect you like


Here is my before and after...


kimi kreations said...

So glad you liked my chocolate effect. Lots of times. I play around and end up adding it twice.

Sarah said...

Wow!I just tried it and love the effect. Thanks for the link to Kimi.