Lightroom 2 is out, go catch it!...

Adobe has announce a public Beta for Lightroom 2.0. Run, don't walk, to get this today!

Here is everything you will need:

1. Here is the link to download Lightroom 2.

2. NAPP already has a learning center for LR 2, this should be the first place you go after installing it. Heck, maybe even before you download it.

3. Matt Kloskowski has a great post on LR 2, including his "top ten list" of things he likes about it.

4. Kelby Training has a Lightroom 2 Beta Power Session.

5. And speaking of Kelby, Scott Kelby has weighed in in LR 2 as well.

6. Jack Nack has in in-depth, "The Deuce is Loose", review of LR 2 which is a must read.

So, if you don't see any posts from me for a few days, it is most likely because I am undergoing LR 2 emersion therapy.

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