Join a camera club, we can help…

We have finally finished compiling our list of camera clubs throughout the country, all 617 of them.

Belonging to a camera club was one of the essential building blocks in my photography education and something I would strongly recommend to every aspiring photographer.

Which is the point of this blog entry, camera clubs have a great deal to offer, they are filled with wonderful people, and if you are looking for a camera club we would like to help. Simply drop us an email with your city and zip code and we will respond with a list of all the clubs in your area.

Just in case you are wondering why we just don’t put the information here for you to search on your own, we couldn’t figure out how to post it and keep unscrupulous web leaches from stealing our hard work and pounding the camera clubs with spam.

So, join a camera club and broaden your photographic horizons, and if you should need some help finding one, send us an email!

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