Kubota Imaging outdoes themselves…

About two weeks ago I wrote about the Kubota Lightroom DVD, at the time I called it “the best Lightroom training DVD I have ever seen”.

Well, it's now the second best DVD, as Kubota Imaging has "sweetened the pot" by releasing an updated version of the Kubota Lightroom DVD.

One of the updates is that they have bundled the 36 Lightroom presets that used to be sold separately AND have added 12 new ones! (for those who don't want to break out their calculator like I did - that gives you a total of 48 presets).


Of the new presets there is one called "Old Film" that is gorgeous and comes in 4 different variations.

They have also released Kubota Artistic Tools Volume 4 which you will be reading more about on this blog in the near future.

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