Classic Camera of Biddeford Maine...

Is there anything more satisfying than finding a retail establishment that you LOVE doing business with? I don’ think so.

I want to share with you one such place I’ve found; it’s Classic Camera of Biddeford Maine. It’s run by Andy and (sometimes) his dad. You get outstanding service, great conversation, and leave looking forward to Your next visit.

Andy (a Leica film shooter) has forgotten more about cameras and photography than I will ever know.

Let me share with you my last two visits:

Just before Christmas a friend of mine gave me an old light meter she no longer used with the advice “it may need to be cleaned and calibrated”. I brought it to Andy, told him exactly what she had said and asked “how long?”Give me a minute” with that Andy disappeared into the back of his shop, returned a few minutes later, handed me the light meter and told me it was all set. “How much?” I asked, “Nothing” he replied, “Merry Christmas”.

Recently I over tightened a bolt on a light stand and stripped the threads, so it was off to Classic Camera, “Andy, do you have one of these?” He didn’t have a new one but dragged out a big box of knobs, bolts, and doo dads he's been collecting for years and rummaged through it until he found me a match.

Try getting that kind of service on eBay or in a big box store.

They do repair work on all major brands of film cameras and sell great quality refurbished/used equipment (I bought a Quantum Battery 2 – new batteries and switches for $195).

You don’t have to live in Southern Maine to try these folks out; and you’ll be glad you did.

Classic Camera
West View Plaza
20 Edwards Ave.
Biddeford, ME 04005

Ask for Andy!


MEC 407 said...

It's a great little shop. I've been in there probably half a dozen times over the past five or six years, usually just for a roll of Kodachrome or a silver oxide battery (I try to use my old film camera at least once a year!). The guys there have always been very nice and very helpful. I never get that kind of friendly service at the camera shops in Portland or Portsmouth.

Anonymous said...

I recently had my first experience with Classic Camera Repair. My daughter was concerned about her 35 millimeter camera which she really loves, it hadn't been working properly for a while now. We always went to River's Camera in Dover, NH, but they have since sold to new owners who don't have anything to do with cameras and repairs any longer. I met Andy. He checked the camera and tried a few things with it, and told me, it was fine. Unknowingly, my daughter hadn't been loading the film properly. He showed me exactly how to do it, and when I asked how much, he said, there was no charge. In this day and time people such as Andy, and I'm guessing his father is the same kind of person, are very rare and precious. Thank God for individuals like this. They have my business from here on out. Thank you very much Andy and family!

Linda Gorman
Berwick, ME

Anonymous said...

Still in business?? "clip art" at it's best! Lots of history here

Scott said...

My first reaction was to delete this comment, mostly because it was a negative comment without substance (I am not saying without merit, only you know that).

By that I mean you did so Anonymous and simply flung mud without details. If you have a problem with something or someone on the blog I am happy to give you space to vent it, but it needs to be fair.

Instead of just calling them thieves perhaps you can give the circumstance of what transpired.
And why stand behind a cloak of anonymity? Give your name, to ownership for your words.

I am happy to let you have your say, but it needs to be open, honest, and civil.

Gary Lowell said...

I've known Andy and Alan for many years. I can say with absolute certainty that they've never been "thieves". In fact, they've given me more free or discounted stuff than I can remember. They bend over backwards for every customer that walks through the door. You'll never find another place like this to get your camera repaired. I'm sad they closed their retail facility but I'm happy they're still doing repairs in some capacity.

Gary Lowell
Chasing the Sun Photography

Scott said...


I could not agree more, they have been nothing but kind and generous in every interaction with me and in those I witnessed when I was in their store.

If there were more people like Andy and his dad this world would be a better place.