This is a multi-purpose blog entry...

The first: If you are not yet listening to the podcast "The Candid Frame" hosted by Ibarionex Perello you are missing some great stuff.

At least once a month (sometimes more) Ibarionex will interview the worlds
top photographers and is kind enough to share these gems with us.

Simply amazing stuff.

About 18 months ago he interviewed Tara Whitney, a women who loved photographing her own family and then kinda fell into being paid to photograph others.

Many of us have seen the fancy shmancy flash and video websites and Tara rose quickly with only a modest, honest, and personal blog. Armed with that blog and her camera Tara realized the kind of success that many of us fantasize about (okay, so as I've aged my fantasies have changed), she was booking portrait sessions all over the west, she would fly into a city, do her sessions and then fly home, success by even the toughest of standards

Though Tara has moved on to the more traditional website, this has been fairly recent and was because of her professional success, not the cause of it.

Below you will find an excerpt of her original interview on The Candid Frame.

The purpose of this post is to :

1. Have you start listening to The Candid Frame

2. Go look at Tara's site and see some way cool family portraits.

3. To motivate you do stop waiting for when the "time is right", go do it now!

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