It’s been awhile… Too long... Part 2

So, why did I fall off of the radar?

It was kinda the “perfect storm” of events.

First, my 3 daughters (that I’ve shared on the blog here, here and here) graduated from high school  (all within 12 months) and not only was I extremely unhappy about how my role as a dad changing, I also had done next to nothing to come to grips with that change and start the transition from the "old" dad into that "new" dad role. It was hard going from being an integral part of my girls lives every single day to just a sidebar.

I would give anything to have to drive them to soccer today.

Shortly after this, my 24-year marriage came to an abrupt end. Obviously, I knew things weren’t going well, but that point was driven home hard one day when I was served divorce papers in a parking lot. So, I went from having a minimal family role to no role at all. I went from living in a house with a gaggle of girls to living alone with my dog Bonnie.

After this, to be honest, I was not the happiest guy in the world, there seemed to be more rain than sunshine. There were days I never left the house (heck, there may have been weeks that I didn’t leave), but slowly things seemed to work back to a semblance of “normal”.

Then last year, just when things seemed to back into a good place my girl Bonnie left me. I think only dog owners will get what follows so the rest of you can skip ahead (kidding). When I posted about my dogs I would often include "A Dogs Ten Commandments” and when Bonnie got sick it was time for me to walk the talk, I had to obey commandment #10 (When it's time for me to “go on ahead”, please stay with me. Don’t say “I can't bear to watch” because I won’t want to face it alone. Everything is easier for ME if you are there because I love you so.). And it was truly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Bonnie was my first dog (EVER), had been with me for 15 years and it felt like she was the last thing I had that still represented us as a family, of who we used to be... and now she was gone.

Its been almost a year and I think of her everyday… But now I smile more because she was here than cry because she is gone, though I haven’t been able to bring myself to put her dog tag on my keychain yet, but I think I will soon.

But that was then.... and this is now.

So…. Moving forward what can you expect from me?

You can expect one post a week on the blog, a video (or two) a month on our YouTube channel and one interview a month on our podcast.

I already have an armful of products to review (software, gear, and videos) and once the reviews are done we will be running contests to give it away to you, our phenomenally loyal readers!

Again, thanks for being here and see you next week!


Chance said...

Rough years like that are, well, rough. Sorry to hear you had to go through all that, but hopefully you're finally on the other side of things and finding a bit more happiness than pain in your daily life.

Scott said...

Thank you Chance...

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