It's time for senior prom...

Our Christmas card from Molly's first Christmas

The last few weeks the stress level in our house has been a bit higher than usual... because it has been filled with the drama that comes with the a fancy shmancy dress, bigger than normal hair, and all the other things that go with senior prom.

If you have been a friend at Weekly Photo Tips for very long you've seem my oldest daughter Molly grow up and this weekend she attended her senior prom.

I have celebrated Molly's birthday and shared her humor here on the blog because she is one of the things of which I am most proud.

And as my daughters reach more of these millstones, it means the day is getting ever closer when they'll be leaving for college, and the thought of them no longer being under my roof fills me with sadness.

The morning after her prom Molly said "thanks dad, you really made it awesome" which made every penny and all the effort worth it, and yes, it made me just a little emotional too.

Molly in her Wizard of Oz phase

At Homecoming

Senior Prom


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