Do you love photography and to read?...

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Because if you love both photography and reading I could really use your help.

As I mention in my review of Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photography Book: Part 1", books for review are delivered on both a numerous and regular basis.

So much so that it would be impossible for me to read them all.

Here's how you can help me out, pick any one of the above books (first come first serve), and I will send it to you to read and write a review.

Not only will the book be yours to keep, we will also provide links back to you (your website, Flickr page, etc.) as part of your intro/bio that will be part of the posted review.

The only two things we ask is that you follow our review policy and have your review back to us in a two to three week time frame.

So after getting this far if you are still interested simply send us an email with your book of choice along with your snail mail address and we'll send your book right out to you.

You might want to include a second choice just in case your first choice is already gone.

UPDATE: all of the books have been claimed, thanks everyone...

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