It's Memorial Day weekend...

Many look at this weekend as the official start of summer, as the weekend they open up their BBQ for the season, or because of all those sales... but it's about something so much more, it's about remembering, remembering those who have paid the ultimate price, those who have "gone on ahead".

Memorial Day was established over 150 years ago as a day of remembrance of those men and women who have died in the service of their country.

Which brings me to an important movie that I recently watched (yet again), Taking Chance.

I implore you to watch this little known, seldom seen true story about taking a fallen soldier home.

It's not pro war, it's not anti war... it's not about war period. It is about honor, dignity, and respect, Taking Chance tells the story of the final trip home for those who have given it all because they were asked.

Chance Phelps died in Iraq in 2004 and this movie is about his last trip home.

I promise that if you rent this movie you will be moved, and if you're not, if you think it was a waste of your time simply drop me an email and I will give you back double what ever you paid to rent it.

Because I think it's that important.

Please... kick off your summer, have that BBQ, and maybe even take in a sale, but if you would... please... remember too.

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Anonymous said...

I personally think 'Taking Chance' should be mandatory viewing for all Americans. The movie is beautifully done, and Kevin Bacon is my choice as the only actor for his role. Too many Americans today, through no fault of their own, do not understand the full measure of the 'ultimate sacrifice.' If you haven't watched 'Taking Chance', please rent or buy it. If you have watched 'Taking Chance', watch it again.

Xiuxiu Su said...

Like your memorial day . Thanks .