Duty, Honor, Country...

Back in 2008 I asked our readers to contribute images of their loved ones who they would like to have remembered and I would use those images to make a Memorial Day slideshow, below are the results of their contributions.

The first men featured are "The Lanni Brothers", they are my uncles, first generation Americans and they could not have been prouder of it.

It was because of their example that during a time when some were worried about being drafted, I enlisted.

Each year I mean to create another slideshow but always seem remember too late to get the process started, so forgive me for repeating it again this year.

If you are having trouble viewing this, or would like to view it larger, simply follow this link.

And if you would, please share this with others, because these brave men and women (and the others just like them) deserve to be remembered, to be honored.


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