Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today is a big day...

It is my wife's birthday today, one of those "milestone" birthdays.

Won't say which one because that would not be considered "good manners", but I can say that she was 49 yesterday.


In our house birthdays are considered sacred, if it's "your day", about the only thing you do for yourself is bathe.

And by no means is it drudgery, it's fun for everyone, even those who are doing the serving - I think because you get to act like the person you wish you were everyday.

Despite the fact that this picture is ten years old, was taken with an old point and shoot film camera and scanned in (horribly) by me, it has always been one of my favorite pictures.

My wife told me once that when she was a little girl her dream was to be a mother of daughters and when I look at this picture I have to believe that this is what her dream must have looked like.

Life is good.... really good.


Chris Riley said...

I've met "the wife" ladies and gentleman and Scott is a very lucky man. She quite saint like. Happy Birthday!

Jason Anderson said...

Congrats to her (and you) - a wonderful family for sure. Also proof positive that photography is about bringing emotion, not just technical pixels and f-stops.

Scott said...

Thanks guys...