Man am I tired...

It is very unusual for me not to post for consecutive days... and I missed you guys!


A friend of mine has a small internet company and late Sunday night his mail server crashed so I spent 36 hours (from late Sunday night to Tuesday morning) building a new server, restoring backups, blah, blah, blah. Bet you didn't know in my previous life I was a geek (pocket protector and all).

Of course the process was regularly interrupted with phone calls from ill mannered people with self important chest pounding about who they were and how important their email was.

I got home Tuesday morning just in time to take one of my daughters (who had gotten sick overnight) to the doctors.

While I sat in the waiting room I thought about all the things that had been put "on hold" for the last several days, things that I enjoy, that are important to me, and this blog is one of those things.

Writing this blog is both fun and an educational experience for me. I learn new things, try new products that I otherwise would never have had access to, but best of all I make new friends. I get to "meet" and talk to folks from all over the world. The number of emails I received asking if I was okay, what was going on, was pleasantly surprising.

Weekly Photo Tips is a joyful part of my life.

Things are back to "normal", mail is flowing and children are well.

Tomorrow we'll pick up where we left off, finishing up with seniors. I have a few more helpful links and senior specific products to review.

See ya Then.

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Anonymous said...

The most important thing is that the kids are well; the rest of us can wait.