Ladies and gentlemen... Kirk Voclain...

When it comes to senior photography (or any other field of photography) there are some photographers who are at the top of the food chain, Kirk Voclain is sitting at the big table.

There are several ways to measure success, not the least of which is your average sales per session, for Kirk it is just over $2,000 per senior.

Now if he were based in Hollywood $2,000 would not be all that impressive but he's not, his studio is in Houma Louisiana, a town of just over 30,000 people (it is neither large or rich).

I have seen Kirk speak and though he is a bit irreverent and doesn't seem to take himself too seriously (if he did would he put the above picture on his website, really?), but don't be fooled because he does take his photography and his business very seriously.

And one of the rules of success is to learn from those who have blazed a trail before you.

Kirk Voclain has cut a very wide path.

Take a look at his website and blog to get an insight into what he is doing.

If you ever get the chance to listen to him speak, run (do not walk) to the event.

This video is just under two minutes and will give you a good representation of Kirk's shooting style.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Kirk is awesome! I just watched some of his indoor senior photography on photovision. (issue 77). At one point he was using gels. I have gels but have never used them. I did exactly what he did and got some awesome colors! Wow! A learning DVD and I learned something! is also wicked awesome...